About Us

It’s hard to capture the heart and vision of a blog in just one page, but we’ll try anything once.

You Can Eat Now was started by Kelsey Rostad and Shannon Tien, cousins and best friends who decided to cook their way through the archive of their grandmother’s recipes. It was a way to memorialize their grandmother (who had recently passed away), continue their family’s food heritage, and motivate their own desire to be better bakers and cooks.

The blog has since morphed to include many of our own recipes, since after practicing on our grandma’s recipes for a while, we really did get better at preparing food. In fact, now we love cooking and baking! Funny how that can happen, right?

However, as much as we love to experiment in the kitchen, the blog’s focus remains on whole, hearty, shareable food that you will definitely recognize if you’ve ever spent time in the Canadian prairies. It’s also about recalling an era when farm-to-table was the norm, rather than the exception, and eating was a celebration, rather than a chore. It’s about shared tastes and smells and nostalgia. It’s about how food brings family together, over and over again.

After growing up together in rural Alberta, we have lived many places including Calgary, Montreal, and Nova Scotia. We started this blog when we finally landed in the same spot – Vancouver, BC. Now Shannon lives in Ottawa.

We hope you enjoy our grandmother’s recipes as much as we do and that you will follow us on our journey as we develop new food traditions of our own.

Shannon & Kelsey

PS: In the spirit of full disclosure, our website contains some affiliate links, which means that we may receive a commission if you decide to purchase anything through these links. However, we only recommend products that we use and love ourselves.