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  • falafel grain bowl
    Appetizers Entrees

    Falafel Grain Bowl

    Falafels are much easier to make than expected. They don’t take much effort, but you DO have to plan ahead. If you take away one thing from this recipe it’s this…

  • how to quick pickle

    How to Quick Pickle Cucumbers

    Ever eat a whole jar of pickles in one night? Yeah, me too. I’ve recently developed a nasty and expensive pickle habit that wont quit, so I needed to figure out…

  • rustic heirloom gazpacho
    Appetizers Sides

    Rustic Heirloom Gazpacho

    When I lived in Montreal, there was a teeny tiny dΓ©panneur/soup restaurant on Jean Talon that just happened to be walking distance from my apartment. Though there was some seating space…

  • Toast Toppings
    Appetizers Breakfast

    4 Toast Topping Ideas

    In my opinion toast is the ultimate snack, or breakfast, or lunch, or dinner. And I’m not talking about plain old toast. I’m talking about the type of toast that has fancy…

  • spinach dip

    The Most Addictive Spinach Dip

    Kelsey’s mom was generous enough to share her secret recipe for delicious spinach dip with me. The star appetizer of countless holiday dinners, Kelsey and I and all the rest of…