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  • the popeye smoothie spinach and avocado

    The Popeye // Avocado and Spinach Smoothie

    I kind of don’t like green smoothies. I mean, they’re fine, but I’m not really excited to drink a kale/cucumber/ginger smoothie. Recently I decided to challenge myself to find the perfect…

  • Breakfast

    Chia Seed Montreal Bagels

    Imagine a world without bagels. You’re picturing a sad, sad world aren’t you? This is the world that Shannon and I lived in as young children in rural Alberta, a place…

  • hole-in-the-middle grilled cheese

    Hole-in-the-Middle Grilled Cheese

    A and I spent Christmas in Toronto with the Rostads (blog reunion!!) and had a super lovely, super chill time. We met the littlest Rostad (Eleanor) for the first time and…

  • apricot walnut quick bread
    Breakfast Desserts

    Apricot Walnut Quick Bread

    Hi, hi, hi! The last two weeks have been a – excuse the clichΓ© – roller coaster of emotions. First I went to Montreal to catch up with my co-workers and…

  • carrot potato fritters
    Breakfast Entrees

    Carrot Potato Fritters

    Three weeks ago we discovered the Ottawa Farmer’s Market and every Sunday morning since then has been devoted to buying vegetables/sampling pierogi. Oh, and eating chocolate chip cookies. You guys! I found the best…

  • sweet potato skillet

    Sweet Potato and Spinach Skillet

    I used to be just like you, waiting in line for 45 minutes on a late Saturday morning to get my fix at the newest neighbourhood brunch spot. Then I became a student…

  • apple cheddar caraway scones

    Apple cheddar caraway scones

    Yesterday was the coldest day of fall so far. Even though it was a balmy 4 degrees by Ottawa standards, A and I immediately went toque shopping after work to protect our…

  • homemade pistachio hazelnut granola

    Homemade Pistachio-Hazelnut Cranberry Granola

    We’re kind of obsessed with breakfast over here. Since it’s warming up in Vancouver, I’ve started to stray from my regular weekday morning oatmeal. Instead I’ve been opting for granola and…