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  • rhubarb spelt thumbprint cookies

    Rhubarb Spelt Thumbprint Cookies

    Some people may call the shoulder season between soul-crushing snow storms and will-destroying humidity “spring”, and those people would not be wrong. But in another, truer sense, they would be inaccurate.…

  • salted tahini nanaimo bars

    Salted Tahini Nanaimo Bars

    Happy birthday to my Dad! He turned 65 yesterday, which is a big deal, but shows zero signs of slowing down or becoming a *gasp* “senior citizen”. In fact, he’s starting a brand new…

  • valentine's day sugar cookies

    GALentine’s Day Sugar Cookies

    I’m the first to admit that I’m an impatient, and often sloppy, baker. I love baking, but I hate all the finicky stuff. Ugly baking tastes just as good as the…

  • apricot walnut quick bread
    Breakfast Desserts

    Apricot Walnut Quick Bread

    Hi, hi, hi! The last two weeks have been a – excuse the clichΓ© – roller coaster of emotions. First I went to Montreal to catch up with my co-workers and…

  • chocolate chili zucchini cake

    Chocolate Chili Zucchini Cake

    Hello from Ottawa! We are not quite moved in yet, but all of our stuff from Vancouver FINALLY arrived (on Thanksgiving day, appropriately). After 10 days of sleeping on air mattresses…