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  • acorn squash

    How to perfectly roast acorn squash

    Every time I’ve gone grocery shopping this fall I’ve left the store with at least three squashes in my bag. Ian has dubbed me the crazy squash lady, and I have…

  • sweet potato couscous

    Sweet Potato Couscous Salad

    This sweet potato couscous salad is one part β€œwhat should I do about this leftover sweet potato?”, another part β€œwhat combination of food items will best soothe this sudden spike in…

  • rustic heirloom gazpacho
    Appetizers Sides

    Rustic Heirloom Gazpacho

    When I lived in Montreal, there was a teeny tiny dΓ©panneur/soup restaurant on Jean Talon that just happened to be walking distance from my apartment. Though there was some seating space…

  • greek couscous salad
    Entrees Sides

    Girthy Greek Couscous Salad

    Good, simple meals: that is what I have been focusing on since moving to Paris last month. My new kitchen is even tinier than my last one and it doesn’t have any…

  • mashed potato casserole

    Grandma’s Creamy Mashed Potato Casserole

    These mashed potatoes are a more grown up version of what our family usually serves every Christmas. They’re great because they can be prepared up to a week ahead of time and…

  • vegan broccoli salad

    Creamy Vegan Broccoli Salad

    This creamy vegan broccoli salad is almost identical to the salad that our Grandma used to make for us, minus the whole vegan bit. If there’s one thing grandmas do well,…

  • seasoned root vegetables

    Roasted Root Vegetables

    Just as Gordon Ramsay has a “signature dish” (beef wellington, if you’re wondering), I’ve got one too. My friends (and family) have come to know that I roast a mean root…

  • sauerkraut salad, sauerkraut, clean eating, vegetables

    Best Sauerkraut Salad

    Sauerkraut, a German dish comprised of thinly-sliced fermented cabbage, will ping the memories of any kid who grew up in Alberta at a certain time. If you had a grandma who was also…