• how to quick pickle

    How to Quick Pickle Cucumbers

    Ever eat a whole jar of pickles in one night? Yeah, me too. I’ve recently developed a nasty and expensive pickle habit that wont quit, so I needed to figure out…

  • Breakfast

    Chia Seed Montreal Bagels

    Imagine a world without bagels. You’re picturing a sad, sad world aren’t you? This is the world that Shannon and I lived in as young children in rural Alberta, a place…

  • hole-in-the-middle grilled cheese

    Hole-in-the-Middle Grilled Cheese

    A and I spent Christmas in Toronto with the Rostads (blog reunion!!) and had a super lovely, super chill time. We met the littlest Rostad (Eleanor) for the first time and…

  • mom's chili

    Mom’s Beef and Veggie Chili

    People often ask me how I have time to make from-scratch meals like this Beef and Veggie Chili, and I have quite a few ways I like to answer that question. Sometimes…

  • butter substitutes guide

    Butter Substitutes Guide

    Have you started baking cookies for your office holiday party only to discover that you don’t have enough butter in the fridge? Or maybe you’re avoiding dairy, but still want to…